I can nearly hear it—the collective sigh of relief from individuals and tax professionals as the deadline to extend or file has just passed. Having been through many such seasons, it’s always striking how quickly tax season arrives and then recedes in the rearview mirror. For some, though, a sense of stress and anxiety can linger, often due to recurring issues which could be greatly mitigated by shifting our approach to tax season. Instead of viewing it as a standard four-month scramble, imagine if we engaged in a steady, year-round strategic partnership with our CPA.

At Reeder CPA Group, we champion a proactive, year-round tax strategy that helps business owners move away from the annual panic and towards overcoming common challenges like disorganized financial records, underestimated tax payments, or overlooked deductions. But it’s more than just about taxes; your tax strategy complements your overall financial strategy, intertwining with other crucial systems like bookkeeping and payroll. This holistic approach not only prepares you more thoroughly for each tax season but also significantly enhances your overall business efficiency and profitability. These perennial challenges can be effectively managed with thoughtful, year-round planning. By weaving continuous tax planning and financial management into the fabric of your daily operations, you not only prepare for tax season but also foster a comprehensive financial health that drives your business forward.

Have you found yourself in any of the situations below? If so, it may be worth considering a proactive approach to your taxes.

  1. “I struggle with documentation and keeping organized records.” Compiling a year’s worth of documentation in a hurry often leads to mistakes and oversight. Engaging in a consistent documentation effort throughout the year simplifies the tax preparation process and ensures that all financial records are accurate and up to date.
  2. “I miss out on tax savings because I only talk with my CPA during tax season.” Limiting discussions with your CPA to just tax season can lead to missed opportunities for year-round tax savings. Many tax-saving strategies, such as investment in retirement plans or adjustments to asset depreciation schedules, need to be implemented well before the year-end to be effective. A continuous engagement with your CPA throughout the year ensures that you are always in a position to make timely decisions that can significantly lower your tax liabilities and improve your financial health. If this isn’t possible with your current CPA, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my team.
  3. “I often find myself making last-minute financial moves during tax season.” Tax season often pressures business owners into hurried financial decisions, such as deferring income or accelerating deductions without fully considering the broader implications. These quick decisions, aimed at reducing taxable income at the last moment, may not always align with the business’s overall financial strategy. Adopting a year-round tax planning approach allows for these decisions to be part of a well-thought-out strategy, ensuring they support long-term business goals and overall financial health. This method not only helps in making more informed decisions but also in achieving better financial outcomes.
  4. “I face cash flow disruptions due to unexpected tax bills.”: Who likes unexpected large tax payments? Yeah, I thought as much. By adopting a year-round approach to tax planning, you can allocate funds gradually to prepare for tax liabilities, smoothing your cash flow and maintaining stable business operations throughout the year.
  5. “I feel stressed and overwhelmed during tax season.”: The intensity of tax season can be overwhelming, leading to increased stress and anxiety. Spreading the workload over the entire year minimizes stress and makes tax management a more manageable and less daunting part of running your business.

But what about costs?

Sure—it’s natural to be concerned that ongoing tax advice and planning might stretch your budget. However, at Reeder CPA Group, we ensure that our year-round services are both reasonably priced and beneficial. Plus, by preventing costly mistakes and optimizing your tax strategy year-round, the long-term savings can significantly offset any initial costs.


By choosing a continuous, proactive approach with your CPA, you’re not just preparing for tax season—you’re setting a foundation for stable and strategic financial growth. This way, tax preparation becomes an integral part of your overall business strategy, handled calmly and efficiently, without the annual rush or financial strain.

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