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Veteran Entrepreneur Support Services: Empowering Military Veterans in Business

At Reeder CPA Group, we are deeply committed to supporting our nation’s veterans as they transition from military to civilian life, particularly in their entrepreneurial ventures. Michael Reeder’s proud affiliation with VIQTORY and Vetrepreneur underlines our dedication to bolstering the veteran business community, helping military veterans turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality through franchising and beyond.

Why Supporting Veterans is Important

Veterans bring unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the civilian world, which when properly supported, can lead to remarkable achievements in entrepreneurship and beyond. Here’s why supporting veterans is so important:

  • Leveraging Leadership Skills: Veterans are trained leaders. Their military experience has equipped them with the ability to lead teams, make strategic decisions under pressure, and adapt to changing situations—qualities that are invaluable in the business realm.

  • Enhancing Diversity in Business: Veterans come from a wide array of backgrounds and bring diverse perspectives to the business community. This diversity fosters innovation, creativity, and resilience within the marketplace.

  • Fostering Discipline and Resilience: The discipline and resilience veterans have developed during their service are key components of entrepreneurial success. Their ability to stay focused on objectives and persevere through challenges can set a strong foundation for a thriving business.

  • Driving Economic Growth: Supporting veteran-owned businesses contributes to economic growth and job creation. Veteran entrepreneurs are more likely to hire other veterans, further contributing to the reduction of veteran unemployment and stimulating local economies.

  • Acknowledging and Honoring Service: Providing support to veterans in their entrepreneurial ventures is a way to acknowledge and honor their service. It shows appreciation for their sacrifices and contributions to our country by assisting them in achieving their post-service dreams and aspirations.

Our Veteran Services Affiliations

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Let’s get started