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Expert Real Estate Financial Services

At Reeder CPA Group, we provide specialized real estate financial services designed for investors and real estate agents.

Beyond providing core CPA services such as tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping, our expertise extends to more intricate areas like cost segregation analysis, 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, and optimizing benefits from Opportunity Zone investments.

Additionally, our team is equipped to act swiftly in urgent situations during home buying or refinancing processes. Whether it’s addressing a client’s unfiled taxes or swiftly resolving unexpected financial issues, we’re prepared to step in at critical moments to assist agents and their clients, ensuring smooth transactions and successful closings.

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Core Services

Reeder CPA Group understands that strong foundational financial services are the bedrock of successful real estate endeavors. Our core services are designed to ensure that every aspect of your financial management is handled with precision and care, providing a solid base upon which your real estate business can thrive.

  • Tax Preparation and Planning: At Reeder CPA Group, proactive and strategic tax return preparation and planning ensure real estate investors and professionals navigate tax complexities confidently.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Our skilled team provides precise financial record management, delivering clarity and accuracy in your business’s financial affairs.

  • Payroll Services: Benefit from comprehensive payroll solutions that handle every aspect of tax withholdings and regulatory filings, ensuring seamless operations.

  • Business Advisory Services: Leverage the expertise of Reeder CPA Group for strategic business advice, guiding your real estate business toward growth and operational efficiency.

Critical Transaction Support

Specialized Financial Services

Reeder CPA Group provides a range of specialized services tailored for the real estate sector. These services address specific challenges and opportunities unique to this industry.

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